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TCS Legal Protection Insurance

TCS Legal Protection Insurance is a major provider of legal protection insurance in Switzerland and is part of the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS), an organization that has been active in the field of mobility and transport for over 125 years. TCS enjoys an excellent reputation and has established itself over the years as a trustworthy partner for its members.

TCS legal protection insurance offers both private individuals and companies comprehensive protection in legal matters and disputes. The insurance covers a wide range of legal areas, such as traffic law, employment law, tenancy law, family law and general civil law. Legal protection also includes the costs of lawyers, courts and experts that may arise in connection with a legal dispute. 

A particular advantage of TCS legal protection insurance is the personal and individual advice provided by competent legal experts. Customers can count on the support of experienced lawyers to help them clarify legal issues and enforce their claims. In addition, TCS also offers legal advice by telephone, where members can obtain free legal information. 

TCS legal protection insurance is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs of customers. There are various insurance models that can be selected depending on the situation and requirements. In addition, it is possible to combine legal protection with other TCS insurance policies, such as car insurance or household insurance, and thus benefit from attractive conditions and discounts. 

TCS attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and always strives to continuously improve its service. The high quality of the services offered and the transparency of the insurance conditions contribute to the fact that TCS legal protection insurance enjoys a high reputation among its customers and in the industry. 

Overall, TCS Legal Protection Insurance offers reliable and comprehensive coverage for all legal matters. The company’s many years of experience, individual advice and the flexible design of its insurance products make TCS a first-class choice for anyone looking for a reliable legal protection partner.