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The Mobiliar Company

Mobiliar Switzerland is a respected insurance company and one of the leading insurers and asset managers in Switzerland. With a long tradition and a strong market presence, Mobiliar is known for its comprehensive range of insurance and financial services.

Mobiliar’s Protekta product is a versatile insurance solution tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses.  

It helps you in areas such as everyday life & family, work, housing and construction, health or problems with the authorities. In addition, traffic legal protection can also be taken out. 

Legal protection insurance can be taken out with Mobiliar in three variants: Minima, Classic and Comfort. These variants differ in terms of deductible and advice. In our comparison, we have included the Classic variant without deductible. 

Mobiliar Protekta is one of the best legal protection insurances in Switzerland with a very high customer satisfaction. This includes legal advice and representation provided by lawyers and experts. This advice and representation covers various areas of law, such as tenancy law, employment law, inheritance law, tort law and many others. However, a waiting period applies in most cases. Only after the end of the waiting period, which begins with the start of the contract, can the benefits be claimed. The waiting period varies between no waiting period, 3 months and 12 months depending on the area of law. 

Protekta‘s products cannot be put together in a modular way (only traffic legal protection can be taken out individually). 

In addition, Mobiliar Protekta also offers good customer service, which is available by phone, online or in one of the company’s numerous offices. Mobiliar Protekta can be reached for questions or quotes at the following telephone number: +41 31 389 85 00