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The COOP Legal Protection Insurance Company

Coop Rechtsschutz AG is a renowned legal protection insurance company in Switzerland that specializes in offering its customers first-class legal protection and personal service. As a subsidiary of the Coop Group, one of the largest retail and wholesale companies in Switzerland, Coop Rechtsschutz benefits from the experience, stability and reliability of the Coop Group.

Coop Rechtsschutz offers customized legal protection solutions for private individuals, families and companies. The insurance products cover a wide range of legal areas, including contract law, employment law, tenancy law, internet law and several others. The focus is on providing comprehensive and accessible legal protection that meets the individual needs of customers. 

Coop Rechtsschutz places great emphasis on providing high-quality legal advice and representation, delivered by experienced lawyers and experts. Customers can be assured that their interests will be represented in a professional and committed manner to achieve the best possible results in legal disputes. 

Coop Rechtsschutz‘s customer service is characterized by its accessibility and customer focus. Customers can reach support by phone between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.. The focus is on providing individual advice and support to customers in order to ensure optimal support in all insurance matters. 

Overall, Coop Rechtsschutz stands for comprehensive legal protection and personal service in Switzerland. With its expertise and an international network of lawyers, Coop Rechtsschutz offers a reliable insurance solution in an increasingly complex legal landscape. 

Coop Legal Protection Insurance can be reached at the following telephone number: +41 (0)62 836 00 00